Track SMS link click in real time

Capture mobile number & other info on link click for your SMS campaigns

How it works

rURL api works any any sms api through simple ontime api setup

1. Get SMS API

Buy SMP credits from any bulk SMS provider, take http get API to send SMS through any other system

2. Login to rURL

Login to rURL through username & passowrd given to you.
For free trial you may use demo username: demo and password: 123

3. Send SMS

Open send sms page from link given on the right top of the client panel.
Follow instructions given on the same page (Point 1,2,3) to make some changes while integrating your API.

4. Track clicks

Click on Reports page to track clicks in real time
you can filter your data through various paramaters, data can be downloaded in csv format


Replace long URL in your SMS content with short & trackable (sample: some message text with your website link goes here link through API call


Action URL
Method type POST
Parameter list
username your username
pwd your password
mobile sms receiver's mobile number
utm_campaign campaign name (optional)
text sms content with web link

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